SCENOFEST / the Prague Quadrennial 2011 WORKSHOP & PRESENTATION

SCENOFEST / the Prague Quadrennial 2011

PaCPA・Pacific Creators for the Performing Arts presents
“Creation of Ecological Costumes for the Performer with the Artistic Link”

2011年6月22日にSCENOFEST / the Prague Quadrennial 2011(開催場所:チェコ共和国・プラハ)正式招待にてパシフィック クリエーターズ・PaCPAのワークショップを開催致します。

Outline of workshop & presentation

June 22, 2011

10:30 to 17:00
*Reserve with the registration at the Scenofest.

17:30 to 18:00
*Admission free at DAMU.

Venue : DAMU

*The Theatre Academy
Divadelni fakulta AMU Karlova 26 Praha 1, 116 65
one minute from the Charles Bridge

Lecturer / Facilitator : Kazue Hatano (Theatre Designer / Set and Costume)

Navigators :
Ai Yamaguchi [Flower Creator / Designer]
Haruka Naminohira [Theatre designer]
Osamu Hakamata [Theatre designer]
Yusuke Hirano [Space & Interior designer]
Nobuaki Tamura [Lighting designer]
Nobuki Hizume [Head dress designer]
Kyoko Murayama [Hat designer]
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Yusuke Itoh [Performer & Theatre designer]
Yumi Tateishi [Contemporary dancer]
Natsumi Tokoro [Contemporary dancer]
Ako Nakamichi [Dancer]

*All members from PaCPA / JAPAN
Many thanks for the master of calligraphy, Mdm. Mitsuko Maeda.

What’s this workshop?

The goal of the Workshop is to make and to create the ecological costumes with the idea of Artists’ Link between Theatre designers, Performers and Japanese Calligraphers.
Participants will learn how to design and create costumes by using recycled handmade papers that calligraphers usually throw away while they are practicing.
We will make more or less 3 to 4 groups of people of Participants for the creation and they will share inspiration from the picturesque calligraphy and the inspirational movement of the performer.
The next step will be the collaborative creation by the Participants and the performers for the costumes for the performers or their own objects and they will be shown at the final presentation/performance.

Lecturer’s Profile

Kazue Hatano
Kazue Hatano is one of Japan’s most sought after theatre designers for sets and costumes.
In 1991, Kazue founded the Society of Japanese Theatre Designers, and in 2006, she founded PaCPA (Pacific Creators for the Performing Arts) company.
During her career Kazue has led several workshops about costume design – for example in Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006, Prague Czech Republic in 2007, Sibiu, Romania in 2009, and Istanbul, Turkey in 2010.

PaCPA・Pacific Creators for the Performing Arts
PaCPA is an Associate member of OISTAT.